Is it true vampire Diaries season 9 is coming?

Is it true vampire Diaries season 9 is coming? Find your answer

Will vampire diaries ever come back? This is the question that haunts every tvd fan. No matter which character or season you love the wait for vampire diaries seasons 9 is constant in all the tvd fans. 

Soon after the release of vampire diaries season 1 on CW on September 10, 2009, the show became a massive hit. It continued from season 1 to vampire diaries season 8.

The last episode of vampire diaries season 8 aired on March 10, 2017, and since then fans are wondering that Is it true vampire Diaries season 9 is coming? 

vampire Diaries season 9 is coming?
Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev & Paul Weasley| Credit: Wikimedia
The supernatural teen drama aired a total of 171 episodes, and it sparked a craze for supernatural beings in the fans. Earlier the vampire diaries seasons were the most-watched series in the world. Now the record is suppressed by new web series like Game of Thrones. 

Now the tvd season 9 is on the list of one of the most awaited shows. The show revolves around a supernatural teen drama. It is about mystic fall, Salvatore brothers, and Elena Gilbert. Stefan and his brother Damon and their love lives with Katherine and Elena have kept the users glued to the screen for a straight 8 seasons.

Is it true that Vampire Diaries season 9 is coming? 

Will vampire diaries have a season 9?

Many tvd fans do not expect that vampire diaries season 9 is coming. The story completed in vampire diaries seasons 8 is already completed so there is nothing new to show.

But others are waiting for vampire diaries season 9 release date 2021. Popular browser results show that many are still googling that “where can I watch vampire diaries season 9”.

Is Vampire Diaries season 9 coming? 

Recently, there were lots of rumors that the vampire diaries season 9 is coming. Even many fans speculated the vampire diaries season 9 release date 2021.

These rumors were called false by Ian Somerhalder. He said in a statement that I have not heard anything about season nine. ... what would happen Stefan and Damon are, you know, Damon has like gray hair, and they're, they have canes like, 'Oh, I got, gotta feed the baby.'"

Many fans had high hopes that around the February, vampire diaries season 9 confirmed date will be released. They even anticipated that vampire diaries season 9 confirmed cast will be announced soon. Half of 2021 has already passed and there is no light on vampire diaries season 9 release date 2021 by the tvd creator. 

Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev have also not shown any interest in the tvd season 9. In an interview, Kat said, “I don’t think Nina and I are interested in that……. But I think our friendship will be forever. I think that’s the dream.”

In her opinion vampire diaries season 8 has already completed the story. She and Nina are satisfied with the season-ending. 

Will vampire diaries have another season? If yes, then what will be its story?

The vampire diaries season 8 ended with a peaceful ending where Elena (played by Nina Dobrev) and Damon died. Damon (Ian Samholder) reunites with his brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley), and Elena with his parents.

So there is not much to explore in the trio. However, if it is true that vampire diaries season 9 is coming then maybe we can see an angle between their next generations and their stories. 

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The show ‘Legacies’ has already confirmed that vampire diaries season 6 Elena and Damon had a daughter. So will vampire diaries have a season 9?

Yes, it can have, but I think the story will also move on and will have new characters and a fresh plot.  

When will vampire diaries season 9 be launched? 

Predicting a date is hard now because there has been no official confirmation or statement regarding the vampire diaries season 9 new cast or episodes. 

Will Vampire Diaries Season 9 come?

For Now, the answer is no because the show has already reached its conclusion. I can understand the sentiments of the fans and how eagerly they must be waiting for the next vampire diaries season. But every good thing comes to an end and I guess the same applies for the tvd season 9.

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Till then, you can watch all vampire diaries seasons on Netflix. Enjoy dive deeper into the supernatural mystery happening around Mystic falls. 

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