Israel vs Palestine: What is the reason behind the conflict?

The Israel vs Palestine topic is really sensitive yet very important to talk about. The conflict between the two areas has been going on for too long that people sometimes even forget about it. 

The 73 years of beef between Israel and Palestine have climaxed the world’s attention, but the war is still not coming to an end. The recent attack on the Al-Aqsa Masjid on the pious month of Ramadan has evoked the anger of the Muslim community around the globe. 

But why is the years-long conflict still going on? What is the reason behind it? 

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There are a lot of myths involved with the Israel Palestine conflict. The first one is that it has been going on for centuries and the war is fueled by religious hatred. However, the reality of land is different from what people believe in the other parts of the world.

The Israel Palestine conflict is almost 73 years old and considered the ‘most intractable conflict’ in the world. The dispute is between two groups of people fighting for the same land. The enmity has been going on for decades, and it has multiple layers.

Who is correct and who is wrong cannot be pointed out clearly as the matter is very complex but what is happening now is a clear violation of the basic human rights of the people of Palestine. 

But before you form an opinion let’s discuss the history of this strife in brief.

History of Israel vs Palestine 

The history of the conflict begins around the early 1900s. The area has witnessed several refugees and rulers.

Israel is the only Jews state in the world and was formed after the Jews settled here by fleeing Nazi Germany. Their population expanded and with the power handed to them, they started throwing the Palestinians out of their land.   

The settlement of Jews started during World War 1 when the ottoman era dissolved. During the Mandate Period, the Britishers who had colonized then Palestine (now Israel) extended their support in the establishment of the world’s first national home for the Jewish people. 

This decision of the Britishers was opposed by the Arabs and the Palestinians. 

The majority were Arabs and the minority were Jews during the Mandate period. But the decision of establishing Palestine as the homeland for Jews escalated the tension between both groups. 

Palestine has historical importance for both Arabs and Jews, so the resistance soon turned violent. During the earlier division, Jerusalem was considered an International territory due to its historical and religious importance for both Muslims and Jews. 

During the holocaust, numerous Jews fled from Nazi Germany and settled in Palestine, drastically improving the numbers of Jews in the area. In 1948, Israel was declared as an Independent state drawing huge criticism and resistance from Arabs and Palestinians.

Many Palestinians were forced to leave their homes by the Israeli forces, and they became refugees. This was called Al-Naqba (destruction or catastrophe). Israel started occupying more and more land and throwing Palestinians out of their homes.

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The area occupied by Jordan was called the West Bank and Gaza was occupied by Egypt. Many wars followed and more and more Palestinians were forced to leave their land which got seized by Israeli forces.

Israeli settlers have been moving in Palestine and settling there hence devoiding even the refugees of Palestine from their habitats. 

Israel claims the whole of Jerusalem as their capital and America is among the states who believed in this claim. However, Palestine considers East Jerusalem as the future capital of Palestine and strongly claims the land.  

This occupation of East Jerusalem by Israeli has escalated the tension in the area. The Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem is considered illegal by international laws. 

Why has the tension escalated in Ramadan?

The attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the worshippers praying inside it on the 25th Day of Ramadan by the Israeli forces have even worsened the situation leading to many fatalities and injuries to protestors and common people. 

After the attack, Hamas (extremist organization of Palestine) and Israel have been bombarding each other leading to many deaths including deaths of citizens and even children. 

What can be done to resolve the issue?

Many peaceful agreements have been proposed to resolve this conflict, but they are either not implemented or the plans never work. The extremist forces from both sides do not endorse peace and fuel more hatred and anger between the communities.

Recent attacks have highlighted how Palestinians are devoid of their land and basic human rights. It even raises some important questions like What will happen with the Palestinian refugees and Israeli settlers in the Palestinian land?