Ingredients added to food to make it addictive

Packed food is loved by people of every age. They are easy to buy and eat. They save time, and you can easily store them but do you know that they are highly addictive. 

Packed food is tasty, and it is hard to resist. Whenever you take a bit you crave for more. But what makes them so addictive?

The reason behind this addiction and the irresistible taste is not very good.

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Packed foods contain addictive substances which leave you craving more for them.

How do they affect us?

Addiction to anything is not good for our body and mind especially when it is related to something that we consume on a regular basis. Different addictive substances hamper our bodies in different ways. 

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The human body loves energy-rich food and that’s why we have developed a natural tendency towards high fat and sugar-rich foods. Food scientists are aware of this nature, and they experiment and create food items rich in sugar and energy. Companies use these products, and we get addicted to them.

Some of these addicts and their ill effects are mentioned here.


High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the most common sugar forms used in food. HFCS is used in a lot of products to make it artificially sweet and more addictive. Food like pasta sauce is not naturally sweet, but sweeteners are added to them to increase the sweetness in them. 

HFCS is present in almost every other food item. Even bread, ketchup, salad dressing which were considered healthy options also contain HFCS in a small amount. 

Why is HFCS bad?

An ear of corn contains 123 calories while just a tablespoon of High-fructose corn syrup contains around 53 calories, 14.4 grams of carbohydrates, and 5 grams of sugar.

It is easy to ingest and hence it improves the taste of food. In a test conducted in 2013 HFCS was found to be equally addictive as cocaine or heroin. 

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Extra sugar intake releases dopamine, a hormone that induces the feeling of pleasure and this short-term relief will make you want to eat more of that food. 

Feel-good sensations will keep you addicted to high sugar and energy foods. 

Why is excess salt bad?

Many like to sprinkle extra salt in their food, but only some people know that extra salt is bad for health. 

In a study, it was found that salt is equally addictive as a drug like an opioid. Scientists have found that the craving for salt has increased in humans over time. The more you intake salts the more you will crave for them. 

Even if extra salt is not added to a product, it will find a way to land on your plate. Salt is not just added for enhancing the taste, it is also added as preservatives. Slat is an important preservative, and it keeps the food safe and dry. 

Salt is also used as a flavor and color enhancer. It is added to bread and ketchup to provide a better color. Salt is extremely addictive and this point is well manipulated by food manufacturing companies. They add salt to their products to make them addictive and increase sales. 

Excess salt intake can hamper your health. It can lead to increased blood pressure and increase stress on your vital organs like the heart, kidneys, livers, etc. Increased blood pressure increases the chance of stroke or heart and kidney diseases. 


Moderate the intake of packed and canned foods. The soothing feeling will compel you to have more of this addictive food and if you will not control yourself then the cycle will go on and on. Regular consumption of such foods can lead to serious health impacts and severe diseases like stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, etc.

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Self-control is tough and avoiding these food items completely is not easy but for good health and longer life, you need to resist these foods. Consume less packed and canned foods and opt for healthy alternatives cooked at home. Your health is your wealth so be protective about it.