Top 10 interesting hacks for summer

Top 10 interesting hacks for summer

Summer is at its peak, and we all can feel the heat and sweating it is causing. But what can we do to make this summer more easy and convenient? 

Every summer brings new challenges, but some problems are constant every year, but their solutions are not good enough. But this year I have come to you with some amazing modern-day hacks that will make your summer super easy and fun. 

There are lots of weirdly annoying issues that disturb us all. In this article, I am going to discuss 10 of them here and provide interesting hacks to beat them. 

  1. No more popsicle problems

Popsicles or Ice lollies have a fan base in every age group. The sweet and syrupy treat is a great mood lifter in summers. But they always start dripping in the summers, and you will end up with sticky fingers and melted popsicles.

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To get rid of these sticky fingers you can use a small paper cup. Make a small hole in them about the size of a popsicle stick and put the popsicle inside it. The paper cup will act as an instant drip catcher, and you can enjoy your popsicles without the fear of sticky fingers. 

2.Save it from ants

Ants or other insects can be lured in summer by the leftovers in your house. To save your place from ants or other pests you can try a natural form of pest control.

Take a handful of popcorn kernels and grind them at high speed. Now sprinkle the prepared cornmeal on ant trails. You will see the results in just a few days. 

  1. Keeping the drinks cool

Water or drinks get immediately heated in the summers, and they become so unpleasant to your taste buds. Science is here to relieve this summer snag. 

Take ice in a bowl and submerge your drink into it. Now add some salt to it, the salt will trigger a chemical reaction and your bottle will get immediately cooled. 

  1. Relieve the itchiness

Gnats can be real troublemakers in summers. If you have been bitten by gnats and the itchiness is uncontrollable then don’t worry, white paper post has the solution for you. 

Use toothpaste to get rid of the itchiness caused by Gnats bite. It will help soothe the itchiness. Before using this remedy make sure you are not allergic to toothpaste  

  1. Refrigerating the pillows and the bedsheet

You must have kept water, fruits, chocolates in your fridge to keep them fresh and cold. But have ever thought about refrigerating your mattress and pillows. Well, the idea might sound crazy, but it is worth trying. 

With this easy trick, you can get rid of heat while sleeping. You can comfortably rest in your cold pillow and bedsheet. You can even put your clothes in the fridge while going to the bath. Step out from a cold and refreshing bath and jump into cold and comforting clothes in the hot summer, how soothing the idea is. 

  1. Use powder when visiting a beach

Beaches are buddies in summer. But one annoying thing about them is that getting rid of the sand is not easy. Baby powders are great for sand removal. Just sprinkle it on you before diving back into the car.

  1. Make anti-mosquito candles

You must have used anti-mosquito repellents but do you know anti-mosquito candles are also great. You can purchase it from a store, order it online or create it on your own. DIY Homemade Mosquito Repellent Candles are great for summers. 

  1. Mess-free grilling

People love outdoor grilling in summer, but grills can be really messy and very hard to clean. But there is a very simple hack to avoid that mess and that is to use grill and oven mats. They are very handy and easy to clean.

  1. Hamburger hack

Who doesn’t love a hamburger? Summer evenings, a hamburger, and a cold drink are the perfect way to relax and detox all your stress. 

Sometimes hamburgers are hard to eat, and they can turn everything messy. But what if I say there is a simple and easy trick to get rid of this mess and enjoy your hamburger. All you have to do is to flip your hamburger upside down. 

The upper slice of the hamburger is usually thin and the lower one is thick so by turning it upside down all the weight will fall on the thicker side making your hamburger more durable. 

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