The incredible story of a 19-year-old young entrepreneur Shahzeb Khan

The entrepreneur is a new term among the Indians that is now getting familiar. We often run after government jobs because that offers security and comfort.

But the question is that can only a government job gives us assurance and security?

Definitely not, but whenever thinking of a new field or profession people’s minds always get filled with anxiety, and whenever you think about an entrepreneur a question pops out in your head, How to be an entrepreneur?

What exactly does an entrepreneur do?

Have you ever thought that what do you need to study to become an entrepreneur?

Well, the best person to answer such questions is the one who has experience of it and knows the up and downs of business. To get the answer to such questions 

I Interviewed a 19-year-old young entrepreneur who is the founder of two companies.

Shahzeb Khan who belongs to Patna is the founder of TheVisata and Shocklet Technologies. Shahzeb passed out his 12th last year with 84%.

Shahzeb Khan
For almost a decade he is involved in the technology domain including aerial technology, women’s safety, and medical advancement. Women’s safety is his major concern and priority now.

Shocklet technologies PVT ltd. makes products regarding women’s safety. TheVisata PVT ltd. works on aerial technologies and medical advancements.

He has several patents on his name and many in progress. The young entrepreneur has gained a lot of appreciation from different global authorities and also been called by countries like Germany, the US, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. for rewards.

Many global authorities have awarded him, and the President of Russia also awarded him in 2017 at MAKS Russian Biggest Air Aviation Exhibition.

Q&A session with Shahzeb Khan

1. Where did you get the inspiration?

-Inspiration is in the air, it’s everywhere. 

I take inspiration from my surroundings. When I started working in this domain I even didn’t have a smartphone or facilities to proceed but I observed my surroundings and identify problems and then look for its solution. Now my solution is India’s requirement.

2. Do you think people from underprivileged backgrounds can do the same?

-Yeah! If the person is passionate about it he will surely find a way. 

Determination and hard work never see what’s your background. But in this field, you need to create a network and the internet plays an important role in it.

3. How do you manage all the expenditures?

-Funds issue is something that every entrepreneur faces. Even I do. I had funds issue but my family was there to support me. Now, I have funds from previous projects so money is not an issue for me now. 

4. How does it feel to be an entrepreneur?

-Load increases on you…. especially if you are a young entrepreneur people have trust issues with you. Handling staff properly is also a responsibility but overall it is an adventurous journey. I get to explore many things, that experience is absolutely amazing. 

Being a young entrepreneur has pros and cons both but it is fun. But one thing you get distracted a lot so you should have control over yourself.

5. Was Shocklet an inspiration or you started it from scratch?

-The idea for Shocklet hit me around 2-3 years ago and gradually I started working on it. The idea was mine but now a whole team works on it. Each member has their own expertise in their respective field. So Shocklet was an Idea and it was implemented from scratch.

6. Do you feel the people around you have changed after you have gained recognition? 

-Definitely! The one who used to underestimate me now appreciates me because I have proven myself. 

Even my parents are so proud of me and now everyone supports me and appreciates my work. But again this is just a start to my journey and I have a big path to cover. 

7. Major setback during your journey?

-It was hard to gain the trust of people because people often think that I am too young and I will not be responsible enough.

The majority thinks that young people cannot handle all these money things but if you're serious about your work then age doesn't matter at all. 

8. How you manage all this? Studies and your work

-I do not take studies and work parallelly. At one time I focus on one thing only. 

During my 12th class for the whole time, my work was my priority but during the exams, I only focused on my studies. Try to focus on one thing instead of focusing on many. My all-time class performance was average, but 1-month of hard work before the exam was enough for me to score good marks. 

Just for example if your mom asked you to go and buy some vegetables but you have to take a haircut also so is it possible to have both works done at the same time? No, you cannot buy vegetables and have a haircut at the same time. You have to do one thing first in order to complete your one task. 

9. Future study plans?

-I will graduate but my priority will always be my company. 

The society we belong to values degree very much, they don’t understand that you can have a career even without pursuing a degree. They only care that if you are in a government job or not.

10. Do you believe that traditional study methods could help you achieve it all?

-Not at all. Skills matter more than a degree. 

Even when I interview people for my company I rarely ask for their educational qualifications I will look for merit in them. If someday I found a 10 yrs. old kid who has some extraordinary talent, I will propose an offer to that kid. 

11. How does it feel to be a young scientist?

-I feel very passionate and energetic. I will ask students of my age to search for the talent you have and be the best of it. You know when I was in school I found every student has dreamed of going into a good college, have a good job in their hand and that's it. Done with their life. 

Is it what you have been made for? No. You were born to be the king! At least two out of a hundred students should think to create a job rather than becoming a job seeker. You are very young, let's begin today! Let's fly together na.

12. You are planning to be a billionaire? What are your plans to achieve it?

-No, I am not planning to be a billionaire, I am planning to be the richest in the world. 

It is, not a plan it is a target and I am working a lot to achieve it. I have no specific plans for the accomplishment of this target but I have trust in myself. 

13. You have made it big but there are some people who could not what is your advice for them?

-Keep working on your goal. You will encounter many failures in life, but it's not the final result.

You will succeed. Hard work, determination, and patience are the road map of success. Even I have also encountered a lot of failures, even today I also experience failure but that doesn't mean ki I should step back. 

If I have to do it, then I have to do that's it. Two-line in Hindi, 

Ye one way hai dost. Agr nikal pare ho to laut nahi sakte, chalte raho manzil zayda dur nahi! 

14. As an entrepreneur do you think it is okay to get inspired by others’ work or it should be totally out of the box?

-Take inspiration from life. Never copy or stole someone’s idea or project.

Even if you copied someone’s idea and gained success it will be temporary but if it is your novel idea then it will be definitely bring something good for you and for mankind and that will last forever.

15. Who is your inspiration?

-My mom is an inspiration for me, the way she handled her job and family, the trust she showed towards me and you know the motivation she gave to me is so inspirational. But if you ask me from my domain then it would be Elon Musk is an inspiration for me. His growth is inspiring and you can learn so much from him just by observing him.

16. What are the other things you do apart from your work? 

-I love sharing memes, spending time with friends and family, playing the piano.

17. Are you a child prodigy?

-No! I have grown and learned with time.