How to increase font size in google messaging app


How to increase font size in google messaging app 

Google messenger app is a simple and useful chatting application that helps you to stay connected with the people who matter most to you. You can easily send a text message to anyone from anywhere on any device. 

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Google introduced a new feature in the Google messaging app, which is the default SMS service on many Android phones. The new feature will help users to instantly increase font size in the Google Messenger app without the need for special settings.

Increase font size in google messaging app

Google messenger app allows users to zoom in on text, similar to how the zoom feature is available in picture galleries. Previously, users had to specify a font size in the device settings to decrease or increase the font size and adjust the font and/or display size, thus impacting the entire device.

Icons like contact avatars and send buttons and menus remain static. There are multiple steps, and users can retract to the default size anytime they want. Users cannot increase font size in the Google Messenger app while the keyboard is open. The normal font size applies to all conversation threads, but the main listview does not change.

This Google messenger app's feature does not affect the Messages app home screen. If you want to adjust the font size of the home screen, you have to rely on your phone's settings. To change the font size on your phone, open the Settings app and navigate to View the Font Size.

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While this may seem like a negligible change to many, it's a big improvement when it comes to accessibility. It should help people who have problems reading small texts. It allows you to use an enhanced version during conversations, this new feature will likely suit your needs.

According to an Android Policy report, the new feature was discovered in software versions since v8.026; However, users with a newer version may still lack the feature. Google is expected to roll out in levels for all users.

End-to-End Encryption

Recently, Google started providing end-to-end encryption for the Google messenger web. However, encrypted messages are limited to one-on-one conversations between people with data and chat functions enabled. It doesn't work for normal SMS or group chats. However, you can use end-to-end encryption in the web version and this feature is automatic, you cannot turn it off.

In addition, users need to enable the RCS option which allows operators to provide features like reading receipts, write status, location, and more.

End-to-end encryption is a popular feature in messaging apps that run over the Internet. Instant chatting apps like WhatsApp and Signal offer End-to-end encryption. With the new security feature activated, it will be very difficult to trace the origin of a message.

The new encryption function in google messenger web only allows the sender and recipient of a text to read it. New digital rules from the Indian government have also prompted WhatsApp to provide the ability to trace messages. However, the messaging platform has claimed that tracking messages will compromise End-to-end encryption.

As with other end-to-end encrypted applications, the advantage is the increased privacy of your messages and pictures. Google messenger web relies on the Signal Protocol to generate a secure key for every single message that is only available in the devices involved in a conversation. Attackers cannot simply intercept your chats. You can also send your verification code to prove that it is you.

Adding encrypted messages by combining encrypted security with an automated, seamless experience could be crucial in competing with Apple's iMessage. You can install secure 3rd-party apps like Telegram, Signal, or WhatsApp because of the rigorous end-to-end encryption they provide.