World Bicycle Day 2021: 15 benefits of riding a bicycle

World Bicycle Day 2021: 15 benefits of riding a bicycle

The bicycle has been part of our lives for more than a century. The bicycle ride had made transportation easy, convenient, and more affordable. Cycling is joyous plus the benefits of cycling are numerous. 

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Cycling is good for health, and it is a clean and eco-friendly mode of transportation. But since the arrival of the bike, cars, and other fuel-driven vehicles, bicycle rides were becoming less and less popular. But fortunately with the rising concern and awareness about the impact bike fuels leave on earth people are moving closer towards cycling each day. 

In the modern world, the emphasis on staying healthy has also highlighted the health benefits of cycling. And so there is no wonder that bicycles have a special day on the calendar. 

Why is World Bicycle Day celebrated?

World Bicycle Day is celebrated every year on 3 June to promote the spirit of cycling, develop a cycling culture, and the benefits of cycling daily. The day also promotes the environmental benefits of cycling.

World Bicycle day was adopted by a proposed resolution in the United Nations General Assembly on 16 April 2018. And since that day it is cherishing the spirit of cycle lovers. These baby steps encourage the cycling community and others to move toward a cleaner transportation facility, bicycle. 

15 benefits of riding a bicycle

The environmental and the health benefits of riding a bicycle are numerous, but 15 amazing benefits make it stand out from others. 

  1. Strengthens immune system

People nowadays spend a lot on health supplements and other sorts of diets. But cycling can be a one-stop solution to strengthen our immune system. 

Especially in the pandemic you can ride a bike to your office and avoid crowded buses, trains, and public vehicles. 

Cycling exposes the body to warm and cold stimuli and makes the immune system more effective. But excessive cycling can impact you so ensure that you maintain a balance between your activity and take proper rest also. 

  1. Good for mental health

Mental health is a very serious concern in the pandemic. People across the world are facing mental crises due to lockdowns and restrictions. 

Cycling can help you sort out the clutter in your mind as while cycling tour adrenaline and endorphins are released. The hormones make you feel good and boost your confidence level. 

Cycling tours help explore new views and give time to resolve confusion and concerns in our minds. 

During lockdown try cycling in your garden or stationary cycling if you don’t have a garden. The benefits of stationary cycling are also widely known. 

  1. Helps in burning fat

The benefits of stationary cycling are widely known for burning fat. But if you have the luxury to go out and ride a bicycle in the open air then go for it. 

Cycling helps in burning calories, especially belly fat. By maintaining the data of calories consumed and calories burned you can easily lose or gain weight. 

  1. Good for muscle building

The perks of cycling are that it does not burn fat only, but it also helps in muscle gain. If you invest a lot of time in cycling you can gain a physique like an athlete. 

  1. Improves lung health

Some studies claim that cyclists are less exposed to dangerous fumes as compared to car drivers. One of the benefits of riding a bicycle is that it increases inhaling and exhaling hence resulting in better lung health. 

  1. Improves blood circulation

Regular cycling helps in improving heart muscles and decreases resting pulse, resulting in better blood circulation throughout the body. It also lowers blood fat levels. 

  1. Decrease risk of heart disease and cancer

A reduced amount of blood fat and better pulse rate and cardiovascular muscles decrease the risk of heart disease or fatal diseases like cancer. 

Limiting the gain of excess body weight is also helpful in maintaining a healthy heart and reducing the chances of heart diseases. 

  1. Improves sleep cycle

Researchers at the University of Georgia have proven that the benefits of riding a bicycle include better sleep at night. Cycling reduces anxiety hence improving the sleep cycle. 

No unnecessary weight gain due to cycling is also helpful in providing better sleep as extra weight gain with age can lead to a dysfunctional sleep cycle. 

  1. Enhances navigation skills

It is not rocket science that exploring more areas and lanes can get you a better knowledge of an area. It sharpens the natural sense of direction and navigation unless you have got a GPS cycling computer. 

Getting into the cycling world can help you develop internal mapping capabilities and also provides essential exercise. 

  1. Good for Brain health

It is known that exercise boosts brain health and cycling is also a type of exercise. Cycling helps in better blood flow in the brain hence making it more healthy and efficient. 

  1. Enhances special awareness

Cycling is not just about paddling, it helps you gain a sense of balance and self-awareness. These abilities help you handle a cycle and navigate it in the desired direction. 

It also helps you in building confidence and a sense of positivity about yourself.  

  1. Helps in building a social circle

Cycling is a sport that you can enjoy even with your friends. If there are a lot of cyclists around you then cycling can become a means to build a bond and develop a conversation easily. 

It is a sociable sport, so you can enjoy it with friends and big groups or join a group of cyclist

  1. Lower impact on the body

Among other benefits of cycling for men and women, a significant one is that cycling has a lower impact on the human body. 

If you move safely then the injury rate is low and weight-bearing is also low, so the sport can be enjoyed by old age groups people also.  

  1. Good for improving leg strength

Cycle moves by paddling hence it increases the body functioning in the lower body leading to better leg strength. This is one of the benefits of cycling in a gym that attracts many athletes and youngsters to the gym. 

  1. Better posture and coordination

Cycling improves posture, balance, and coordination. These qualities are the perfect set that you need to improve your body posture and gain a strong personality. 



We all must have gone on a bike tour or enjoyed cycling in our childhood but try giving the sport a new chance and cultivate cycling as a habit for a healthy life. 

The benefits of cycling for women and men are proven and can help you in numerous ways. 

It also protects mother earth when people shift from fuel-consuming vehicles to cycle by reducing the emission of harmful gases in the environment.