An interview with a professional writer Sharmistha Kar

Penning down your emotions and thought is an art. A writer makes things more vulnerable and sets a balance between heart and brain. People generally think that writing is just a hobby but trust me being a writer needs a lot.

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When you read a book and your favorite character dies your heart aches for once but when a writer writes a story it lives and dies with the story, each character became a part of his life, sometimes the character is inspired by others or personal experience and sometimes the character itself inspires the writer. 

Magic pours out through the heart and gets scribbled on the paper. 

People often think, what is so special about being a writer? 

From my personal experience, I can say that “It gives freedom to the soul to explore the world. You can take away my resources, but my imagination can never be restricted.”

The best person to tell you about the writing profession is the one who has explored it the most one of such amazing writers who has been in this profession for a decade is Sharmistha Kar. Sharmistha being a phenomenal writer has explored the world of writers better than anyone else.

Sharmistha Kar

Sharmistha belongs to Siliguri, West Bengal and apart from being a learner, she is also a teacher and a happy homemaker. She shares her thoughts on @poeticjourneywithsharmistha

Q&A session with Sharmistha Kar

1) When you realized you want to be a writer?

-Well let me begin this conversation by thanking you for asking me to be a part of your wonderful blog. You're doing a great job!

So when did I come to know that I want to be a writer..hmmm!!! I guess when arranging words interested me more than impressing people ever did.

2) How to become a writer?

-Writing is your inner passion and cannot be created or made by any customary rules.

3) Which genre do you prefer while writing?

- Basically, I'm an open genre writer but truly speaking writing short stories, romance novels, memoirs, and tales attract me more.

4) How do you get ideas?

- Look here I'm telling you a very interesting fact about myself. I'm an impersonal writer. I never tend to pen down my personal accounts on paper. I got to face a lot of people's concerns due to this. Suppose if I'm writing something pitiful or about a broken heart, people start comparing them with my personal life. That's not done yaar! A writer shall not be bounded or restricted to a few specified genres. A writer is free to write and think about anything and everything. I'm a 26-year-old, but I can place and imagine myself leading the life of a 70-year-old and pen down the life struggles faced by her whereas I haven’t even reached her age yet.

5) How to write a good story?

- Plot construction is of an utmost importance in writing a story.

6) What makes a writer good or bad?

- There is a thin line between writing to please and writing to earn. That's it!

7) How many books have you written? Which one is your favorite?

- Two. Bucket of love (E-Book, hard copy, and audiobook) and Remembering 2020 (E-Book and hard copy) 

You cannot ask a mother whom do you love more, the first child or the second one.

8) How difficult it is to write a book?

- As difficult as you think it is. Everything is in the mind!😉

9) How long does it take you to write a book?

- The very first thing I do before the start of writing a book is to increase my level of

concentration. I make sure that I write at least one page every day. Rest depends on the genre and volume of your book.

10) Is writing a book worth it?

- Self-satisfaction is the greatest satisfaction!

11) In how many books you have contributed as a co-author?

- I started writing for anthologies from the month of May'20 and ending the year with 65+ Anthologies.

12) Who is your inspiration?

- In real life, my inspiration is I myself.

- In the literary world, I really look up to Jane Austen's novels.

13) Is criticism good or bad for a writer's growth?

- I would say both. Even good can be bad if it starts taking a toll on your pride and self vanity and bad can be worse if you don't have the inner stamina and mindset to handle it with a positive attitude.

14) Are writers born or made?

- Neither! A writer is an artist, to whom writing is an art. Art can neither be conceived nor made, it can only be persisted with love and dedication.

15) What are the essential traits of a creative writer?

- Desire and the love to write.

16) How much money does a first-time author make?

- The more you promote the more copies of your book gets sold and the more it sells the more dollars visit your bank account.

17) What does your family think of your work?

- They always feel proud of whatever their daughter does.

18) Any suggestions to help others become better writers?

- What do I believe is that a correct platform is very much required in order to showcase your skills. No matter how good you write until and unless it is not getting read by public it's not of any value. 

For this, I'm greatly thankful to Commas and half strokes, RVCJ Media- Cafe alfaaz, Stage-Inner Voice. And lastly, be creative. Do write down the things to which people can relate themselves. Write down the pain of others do not only stick to yourself.

19) Was being a writer your childhood dream? If not then what it was?

- I was in my 9th standard when our English teacher asked us to write a diary note and I wrote something very much poetical which made my teacher say to me "one day you'll become a poet" (haha!). So maybe not childhood, but it was a teenager dream.

20) How you balance your personal and professional life?

- On a priority basis.

21) You're recently married so does your marriage affect your professional life?

- Luckily I'm married to my best friend and who himself is involved in a professional career, so he understands the value of being a professional, and he does support my passion and love for my writings. It is his constant motivation that keeps me motivated every time.

22) Any advice for the millennials?

- They're already the millennials what to advise them!!

23) The young generation is more attracted to phones than books. So do you think this has lowered down the value of writers in this generation as compared to earlier times?

- Not only a writer's value has been lowered, but I guess the worth of reading books by turning pages is degrading with each passing day. See e-book is more popular than a hard copy!

24) Do you like to read also? Who is your favorite author?

- I'm a bibliophile by nature. My recent favorite author is Vex King since I've been going through his autobiography currently and somewhere I can connect myself with him.

25) Do you think e-books are better than hard copies or paperbacks?

- No! There lies a different kind of toxicity in the smell of the pages of a book.