Top 5 inspirational women of India

Top 5 inspirational women of India

We all celebrated women’s day yesterday but only posting and sharing stuff is not enough. Women are an integral part of our society, and we need to appreciate their efforts, choices, and values. 

Despite all the efforts made by the people the society still holds back a woman, and we need to change that. When it comes to an empowered woman we need more examples, not only exceptions. 

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.

It shouldn't be that women are the exception.”

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Here is the list of 5 phenomenal women of India that have made drastic changes in society. They have been working for the upliftment of the girls of India. We all should know about them on this women’s day. 

1. Lakshmi Agarwal

Lakshmi Agarwal has become a known name after Deepika Padukone's movie Chapaak movie. She is among the top strong women in India.

She is an acid attack survivor. The story of Lakshmi is heart-wrenching. 

A 32-year-old man, Naeem Khan threw acid on her face when she was 15 just because she refused his marriage proposal. Lakshmi wanted to become a singer but after the acid attack, she faced a lot of physical and mental trauma. She also went through the social stigma attached to acid attack survivors.  

She now runs #StopSaleAcid campaign and demands a ban on acid sales. She has also won the “International Women of Courage Award” in 2014. She has fought many legal and social battles for herself and has empowered others to do the same. 

2. Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju

Dr. Trinetra has seen many ups and downs in her life. From teasing and taunting to appreciations she has earned respect for herself and the transgender community. 

She is popular on social media platforms. She has documented her transformation and shared her story of self-acceptance online. Her story has been inspiring for many and empowering for the trans genders. She is Karnataka’s first trans-woman surgeon. 

Her journey is motivational for not only the LGBTQ+ community but also for the girls of Indian who faced backlash on expressing themselves on living life on their own terms. 

3. Saalumarada Thimmakka

Saalumarada Thimmakka
Who says that a woman can’t accomplish anything after her marriage?

Saalumarada is an Indian environmentalist who has planted nearly 385 banyan trees and more than 8000 other trees along with her husband. 

 Saalumarada Thimmakka is popularly known as the ‘mother of trees’. She is an inspiration for the youth of India. She belongs to the state of Karnataka. She has been also awarded ‘Padma Shri’.

She has selflessly dedicated her life to the environment and plants. She is also a part of the State and National Environmental Protection program of India. She also campaigns aggressively against afforestation. 

She has also been awarded the National Citizen’s Award in 1995. 

4. Aditi Gupta

Various taboos are still related to menstruation in various parts of the country. Girls of India have to go through a lot in their teens because they are not aware of one of the most basic things that happen in their life, menstruation.

Aditi Gupta understood this issue and co-founded Menstrupedia Comic with her husband. Menstrupedia Comic is a comic-like guide to spread awareness around the globe about menstruation. 

In her teenage Aditi faced many issues due to myths and misconceptions related to menstruation. She started menstruating at the age of 12 but could not buy a sanitary napkin as it was considered against her family’s dignity.

To break this chain of myths and taboos Aditi started Menstrupedia Comics. It is a friendly guide on menstruation and topics associated with it such as menstrual hygiene and puberty.

Her work was initially criticized by some extremists but now she and her Menstrupedia Comic are acclaimed worldwide.

You can access it from here: Menstrupedia Comic

5. Dr. Ritu Karidhal

We all know who is the missile man of India and the Rocketman of India. But how often we talk about the rocket woman of India. 

If your answer is no then you should definitely know about Ritu Karidhal the rocket woman of India.

Ritu Karidhal is an Indian scientist working with ISRO, and she was a Deputy Operations Director in the mission MOM.

Born and brought up in Lucknow Ritu’s journey to ISRO was not easy. She belonged to a middle-class family, so money was always an issue, but she motivated herself and was determined to bring change in her life.

Space always enticed her, and she studied hard and gained multiple degrees to be a part of ISRO. She has been part of ISRO since 1997 and has also won the ISRO Young Scientist Award from late president A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in 2007. 

These 5 women are an example to society that if a woman wants to achieve something she definitely can no matter how many obstacles she faces. 

They are also a motivation for girls of India especially those who belong to the middle-class background. The strength and capability are in your mind, “If you believe you can, you definitely can.”