Which countries are offering free travel to their visitors?


Which countries are offering free travel to their visitors?

Due to pandemics, traveling has become very expensive. But what if someone told you that a country will pay your expenses if you visit them, doesn’t it sound amazing? 

Pandemic has changed a lot of things. The tourism sector has been hard hit by it. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, people are unable or hesitant to travel. But not traveling during this period is not only affecting people but the economy of many countries are getting disrupted by it.

Many countries in the world largely depend on their tourist sector, and it forms a large share of their GDP. The restrictions on traveling have impacted the businesses and the growth of such countries.

So they have found a solution for all of this. Popular countries like Italy, Canada, and Japan are financing the tourists to come and visit their locations. 

Visiting a popular country like Italy, Canada with minimal expenditure isn’t like a dream come true. Here is a list of some of the most astounding countries which are offering free travel to their visitors.

1. Italy

Colosseum , Italy
Representative image| Credit: pexels
As soon as the coronavirus started spreading globally, Italy became one of the worst-hit countries by corona. But the authorities and the people didn’t lose hope, and they managed to bring down cases and create a normal atmosphere again.

But the peaking cases had already distorted the image of the country and the number of tourists sharply declined. Italy (Sicily) is largely based on the tourist sector, so returning to normal life was getting difficult for people.

The authorities initiated a scheme to encourage tourism and lure more visitors. The airfare of tourists traveling to Sicily will be 50% financed by the tourist authorities. Apart from it, one night stay will also be free. Even the authorities banished the tickets needed to visit museums and tourist destinations. 

People can easily roam around the place and enjoy the monuments, museums, and other locations. 

Check the island’s official website for more details.

2. Canada

buildings near water body in Canada
Representative image | Credit: Pexels
Canada must be already on the bucket list of many. Usually, Canada has a high number of tourists, but the pandemic has struck it badly also. New Brunswick, the quintessential province of Canada is inviting travelers to visit their stunning places.

Explore NB Travel Incentive Program is offering a 20% rebate on the traveling expenditure. They were accepting applications from travelers interested in visiting the area.

For more detailed information you can visit their website

3. Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan
Representative image | Credit: Pexels
Japan is one of the excellent tourist spots as it is one of the safest countries in the world. Tourism was affected in Japan also. The government revived the tourism sector by spending a generous amount of around $12.5 billion. 

The authorities provide discounts, vouchers and also cover some expenses of tourists visiting Japan to promote tourism. However, you have to make your bookings with Japanese agencies or directly to Japanese hotels. 

The authorities ensure a safe and secure environment for its visitors and maintain a set of protocols to avoid any case of COVID-19. 

4. Mexico

colorful building in Mexico
Representative image | Credit: Pexels

Mexico is filled with astonishing beaches, ancient ruins, and exceptional culture. But the Cancun has been witnessing fewer visitors due to the global pandemic. This has led to an impact on the tourist sector of the country.

To counter this impact, the authorities have started an initiative called 'Come to Cancun 2X1'. The initiative includes an additional free night in the Cancun properties if you book for two nights. You can also select the airline they have partnered with to reduce the airfare burden. 

Mexico is already one of the best countries in the world and the offer makes it even harder to resist it. 

5. Cyprus

Church beside sea in Cyprus
Representative image | Credit: Pexels
If you are eager to travel abroad but worried about what will happen if you get COVID-19 then don’t worry the government of Cyprus has got it all covered. 

If a traveler visiting Cyprus contracts the virus, then the government will cover all his/her expenditures. The traveler does not have to worry about accommodation, food, medication as the government will cover all those expenses.

However, a COVID-19 declaration from the tourist is a must before he visits the country. You may also need to provide a testing certificate. 

Cyprus is a great place for exotic holidays. Its sunny beaches and beautiful destinations are soothing. 

6. Bulgaria

Green Island surrounded by water in Bulgaria
Representative image | Credit: Pexels
Bulgaria is popular for its nightlife and astonishing beaches. Its beaches are one of the most-visited parts of the country. What could be better than chilling around Black Sea beaches?

The government has made some pay-to-enter beaches free to visit, to hype tourism in the area. The beaches are great to relax and chill and must be on your bucket list.

7. United Kingdom

Big Ben in London
Representative image | Credit: Pexels
The United Kingdom does not need any introduction. The country is world popular and visitors storm the place every year. However, the pandemic and UK strain of the virus has affected the tourism economy badly. 

The cases are now under control and the government has initiated VisitBritain’s plan to encourage tourism. The government has secured money to fund tourists whose first preference is the UK as their post-COVID travel destination. 


If all these years you have yearned for traveling abroad, then this is the opportunity. You can visit the world’s one of the best places at affordable prices. There will not be much crowd, so you can enjoy the places as no one has ever done. But during these travels ensure your safety and give the top priority to your health.